Fimo tutorial: “Starry Night cane” by Donna Kato

I already talked about Donna Kato’s book the art of polymer clay millefiori techniques added to my collection a moment ago. Here is my first try of a Starry Night cane and a short tutorial:

By the way, Starry Night is… this:

Yes, Van Gogh’s painting. And that’s true that the canes do look like it…  
(picture taken from the book The art of polymer clay Millefiori techniques: Projects and inspiration for creative canework, by Donna Kato)

Starry Night canes are very simple to make and have the huge advantage of using old ugly fimo canes or simple clay leftovers (if you never fail to make beautiful canes!). However be careful not to use too ugly or unmatching leftovers, colours have to be nice together. Let’s try to find old clay and hidden canes at the bottom of a few drawers. Here we go:
Well, I’ll realise later there is too much blue and not enough white clay. But, anyway, this is a nice start.
We have to tear all of the clay we found into little pieces. You can use a blender or – if you only have one blender for food and don’t want to use it with polymer clay, her… like me actually – you can use scissors, a razor blade (careful with this one), your fingers or a hyperactive cat (provided you have one).
Then, use your rolling pin (if the clay sticks to it, place cling film between them). As I didn’t use a blender, my “little” pieces are not so little.
Then, use your pasta machine (you can keep on with the rolling pin if you don’t have one), using the thickest setting. Cut the resulting sheet in two and stick the two parts together. Be careful, the sides of the clay sheet have different patterns, one is more like lines and the other more like broken lines (try it, you’ll see I’m not crazy!), stick the right sides together. And do that again (the whole rolling – cutting – sticking thing) until you have a nice result. Here is what I got:
As I told earlier, not enough contrasting colours (white). But for a first try, let’s say it’s fine. Here we go, have a nice Monday… and enjoy your week!

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