Fimo tutorial: skinner blend spiral cane

Here is an example of earrings I made with two skinner blend spiral canes. Of course I forgot to take pictures while making the canes...

Anyway, I made a few trifles yesterday, including new blue flowers. I made their centres with a skinner blend spiral cane (and only have a very bad picture of it). 
I love using this type of canes for flowers, easy to make and use and often quite good-looking!
To make this cane, the first thing to prepare is a skinner blend (what a surprise). Here I only used two colours as I didn’t want my flower to be too much multi-coloured. 

Cut the skinner blend and place it on top of a plain clay sheet (black for me) of the same thickness. This clay sheet will be the spiral in our cane, choose its colours carefully. 
Be careful, bubbles may appear (as usual… and I have some, whoopsy) between the two layers. Remove them by rubbing from the centre towards the edges.
Once the two layers are stuck together (don’t press too hard or they will mix), roll the resulting sheet, reduce and here is your cane. Enjoy!

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