Polymer clay tutorial: flower & spiral cane

A few days ago I started making new fimo clay canes to enlarge my collection before Christmas markets. Here is one of these new canes:

I found it nice so here is a short tutorial for those who agree and would like to make something similar.
Spirals are made by placing a white sheet of clay on top of a sheet of clay shaded black to blue (the same blue than the one I used for the flower) and carefully rolling them together. Here is the method to use (in French for now...): Cane spirale dégradée
The petals are a white cylinder rolled in black clay (I used my pasta machine with the smallest setting to flatten the black clay):  

I then cut the cylinder into 5 equal pieces, pinched one of the extremities of each piece to give it an elongated shape and stuck the 5 cylinders together around a piece of the spiral cane I made earlier. 

Then add the spirals (flattening them a little bit):
Then add plain blue cylinders to complete the pattern (it has to be round or almost round not to be deformed when reducing the cane): 
And roll around the cane a thin sheet of clay (or several, I put a white and a black one in my example):
After reducing the cane (and cutting pieces out of it) the result is the nice flower on the first picture!

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