Polymer clay tutorial: dotted beads

Now we learned how to make stripes (here), here is my method to create dotted beads out of polymer clay. This is a bit tedious but it works perfectly to obtain regular dots and very good-looking fimo beads!

Here is the result we want to achieve:
First we take some regular plain beads (I'll write a tutorial on how to make regular round beads soon).
Then we choose the color of our dots (of course you can choose several ones for a more "funky" result!).
Depending on the size of your round beads and the size you want the dots to be, flatten (with a pasta machine or rolling pin) your color(s) into a more or less thin clay sheet. As an exemple here the diameter of my round beads is around 1 cm and the blue sheet is flattened to the thinest.
Then, using a razor blade (or better a special "fimo blade" such as these ones), divide your clay sheet into very small regular square pieces :
Each of these small square pieces will be a dot (I warned you it was a bit tedious)! Take the small piece, roll it and stick it on the round bead. Do it again until you have enough dots (of course leave enough space between them as they will be a bit bigger once flattened on the bead!).
Then we just have to roll the bead to smoothen its surface.
Of course this "dotting method" can be used to realise dotted clay sheets, donuts or whatever!

Here is our final result: