How to make a striped cane with polymer clay

In this tutorial I show you how to realize color stripes with polymer clay (Fimo) to make a striped cane.
This is a very simple and basic method but striped canes are very nice to use, they make colourful and original creations ! 
Here I chose five blue / purple colors. I also use black clay to put between my stripes (of course you can use another color or even not put a contrasting stripe between your colors!) 
With my pasta machine, I stretch each of my colours into a thin sheet. I usually make the black sheet thinner than the coloured ones (for example here I used 4 for colors and 6 for black). If you don't have a pasta machine, no worries, just use a glass or something quite alike to roll on your clay. To ensure the thickness of the sheet is the same everywhere, you can flatten your sheet between two surfaces with the same thickness. 
Once we have our sheets, we just have to cut them into pieces the same size and shape. I use razor blades but you may also use cookie cutters... Actually it's even easier to use cookie cutters as your pieces are more likely to be similar! I usually cut rectangular pieces but they may be square... 
The only thing left to do is to put together all of our little pieces. Putting a black slice between two colored ones... Be careful for air bubbles, they tend to appear between slices. Make sure you stick them quite slowly, pressing from the middle to the edge. 
Once I've got my cane, I just "press it" with a flat stuff (made of glass, for clay not to stick on it!), to make the different slices stick together without deforming them. 
Here we go, we just have to cut our final pile (the highest it is, the most difficult!) and to use it... :) 

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