Fimo tutorial: stripped donut

Donuts are one of my main passions (I love making them, not eating them), with dots (the same). For that matter, I would like to buy this so nice cat cushion:
Well, anyway, I felt like making polymer clay donuts a few days ago and took advantage of the opportunity to write a short tutorial about half-stripped donuts. This, for example: Polymer clay donut

By the way there is a good (well, I hope so) tutorial about stripes on my blog.

To start, we need stripes. When we have some, we cut a thin slice of them (don’t do what I did, my slice was much too big and I had to cut it again afterwards).
Then, we flatten with a pasta machine a sheet of clay of the colour we want the back of our donut to be (black, for me). The sheet has to be bigger than the diameter of the future donut. 
We arrange on this clay sheet our stripped slice and another clay sheet the same thickness (than the stripes). This sheet will be the second half of our donut (as we want only half of it to be stripped). Will also be black for me. The two parts have to perfectly (well, or almost) meet.
(Just for you to know, if the black sheet that will be the back of my donut looks strange on my picture it’s just that I often texture  the back of my donuts, so it is not smooth.) 
Be careful, when sticking the stripes and plain clay to the first sheet, to proceed from the middle towards the side to avoid air bubbles to get stuck between the layers. 
Then we have to use our two « cookie cutters » to give our donut, well, the shape of a donut. One cookie cutter is for the donut itself (the biggest one) and the other one, for the hole in the middle. If you struggle to find a suitable cookie cutter for the middle (as it has to be quite small) you can use everyday stuff such as the cap from a felt-tip marker for example). Place cling film on your clay sheet before cutting, the donut’s edges will be smoother.
If the edge of the donut has to be “cleaned up” (using everyday stuff as a cookie cutter is theoretically nice but may turn up to be a little bit hazardous) you can use a blade to remove the biggest part of the clay, the rest will be removed by sanding after having baked our donut. If holes have appeared between the stripes (sometimes happen with very bad handmade cookie cutters) use your finger to smooth the donut’s surface (be careful to not accidentally mix the colours!). 
Now is the best part: choosing how to decorate our brand-new donut!

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