Tutorial : How to make your own open jump rings?

It’s sometimes difficult to find jump rings the right size for the creation we want to make.
Here is a very simple tutorial to craft your own jump rings to make the perfect hand-made necklace, bracelet of pair of earrings

The tools you need: 

Flat-nosed pliers, cutting pliers, a knitting needle (or any other object with rather the same shape) matching the size you want the diameter of your jump rings to be and wire. Here I have 0.81mm brass, quite flexible and great for mounting light items (be careful for heavy pieces you need to use stronger wire but of course it’ll be more difficult to craft it!).

The technique:

I guess it is quite simple to anticipate: we just have to wind the wire around the knitting needle (or the other object you chose). Wind it several times, as regularly as you can, using the flat-nosed pliers if needed. 
You’ll have one jump ring for each time you winded the wire around the needle.
Once you’re finished, remove the wire from the needle and put your cutting plier inside the roll you get to cut it once. The rings will fall (it’s better if you cut them above a bowl or at least something to prevent them from falling everywhere!). And we get the following: 

With some cutting pliers, you’ll get an end cleaner than the other. Turn the pliers and cut again (without removing too much wire or your jump ring won’t close anymore..!)

Here we are, with a lot of great open jump rings the perfect size, ready to use for beautiful hand-made creations!

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