Polymer clay necklaces

Here are some of my latest polymer clay creations. Click on the first picture for a slide show!

Polymer clay (millefiori beads, striped and dotted beads, flower beads), glass, leather, silvered metal, brass
Polymer clay (millefiori beads, claygun beads), gold powder, leather, brass 

Donut necklace with charms, polymer clay, glass, wood, leather
Donut necklace, polymer clay, wood, black satin
Necklace, polymer clay beads (silver powder, flowers, dots, sugar)
A small half-donut with two hand-made polymer clay beads
Black polymer clay donut with a green flower and two matching beads
Licorice and flowers...
A blue "charm" necklace with various beads (fimo clay, wood, glass, silvered metal charm) on black leather

The green model, with a nice hand-made flower charm!
And the fushia one! "charm" necklace with fimo clay hand-made beads, silvered metal and seed beads on leather
Long necklace, orange, with polymer clay beads (sugar, dots, millefiori, copper), wooden beads, buttons and a beautiful glassed flower
Long necklace, blue
"charm" necklace, polymer clay, wood and black leather
Orange model
Long necklace, 100% polymer clay and cotton

Polymer clay donut with stripes and small hand-made charms, satin and cotton

Polymer clay necklace, blue lentil beads, silver powder and charcoal
Lentil beads, silver powder, sugar beads... everything black & blue!
Sugar lentil beads, copper, red and fuschia

Claygun whorls, polymer clay and silver powder